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Security Cameras to Deter Burglary

surveillance camera caught the robber in a mask with a knife.Nothing compares to the security that installing cameras offers. Security cameras are a great option for keeping your residential or commercial property safe because they are a definite deterrent for vandalism and theft. Two million home burglaries are reported in the U.S. each day. When you install security cameras with recording capabilities, you can create an excellent system to deter burglary as well as to identify anyone at your home that shouldn’t be there. When you turn to experts to design your system and place cameras in the proper positions to avoid blind spots, you can expect fail-proof security.

Types of Burglary

According to the Bureau of Justice statistics, there are four different kinds of burglary. The first is completed burglary. This is when a person forcefully or non-forcibly gains entry to a residence that they have no legal right to be in. Forcible entry is another form of burglary. This is when a specific force is used to gain entrance to a residence. For example, this might mean breaking a door or window. Unlawful entry without force, as the name indicates, means a person that has no legal rights to a residence gains entry without force. This can happen when a garage door is left open or if an entrance is not locked. Attempted forcible entry is a burglary when force is used to attempt to get into a residence.

Security Camera Installation

When cameras are present and visible, a home or place of business is no longer a soft target. Burglars may fear being caught and recorded on camera while in the act of entering the premises. Criminals are also aware that when cameras are present, security systems are more than likely present as well.

A Variety of Options

There is a large variety of high-tech cameras available to serve the needs of various spaces. Security monitoring cameras also come with hi-def lenses, infrared technology, and night vision capabilities. On top of that, no system is complete without recording capabilities. When you consult with the experts, they also measure your property and assess all areas to avoid blind spots and create an optimal security system.

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If you want to increase the security of your home or commercial business, be sure to contact us at RBC Technologies, Inc. We offer a variety of security options beyond security cameras. Contact us today for more information and one of our experts will be happy to answer your questions or set you up with an appointment for a consultation.

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